PBUS Education Committee

PBUS Education Committee


PBUS initiated the national Certified Bail Agent™ (CBA™) program in 1987; it is the first and the only national certification program especially designed for bail agents.  The program aims to offer basic industry education to bail agents across the nation, with a long-term goal of providing a structured professional atmosphere where bail agents can increase and update their knowledge of federal and state bail regulations.  An additional goal is to demonstrate to the courts, law enforcement personnel and the public that education and professionalism is essential in the bail industry. 

Upon completion of taking all six CBA courses and passing the class test at the Testing Center, each graduate of the program is eligible to use the CBA designation as well as purchase a plaque to be awarded to them in front of their peers.

As a Certified Bail Agent and the chairperson for the Education Committee, I invite you to explore the PBUS National Certification Program and find out why you need to take advantage of the CBA program. 

Mark Heffernan, CBA
Education Chair


All CBA classes are now taken on-line with each class test taken at the Testing Center held at the winter conference and mid-year meeting.  Verification of test passage is required by the instructor of the Testing Center.

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