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Health Insurance for PBUS Members

Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) has always sought ways to enhance the value of your membership. Today, we are pleased to announce a new and unique member benefit: Health Insurance.

As many of you know, for years PBUS' leadership has been seeking some form of a health insurance opportunity for our members. In the old days, large health providers would offer group policies to organizations such as PBUS. They stopped that practice due to what they referred to as adverse selection. A large group often included some members who were not very healthy to begin with and drove up the insurer's costs. Of course, as a result, all of the premiums went up. It was fair to spread the cost of coverage among all, only the companies stopped offering large group plans to smaller groups such as PBUS.  Now we are in new times and we can benefit from new ideas.

PBUS has now secured a health insurance program that is essentially a collection of individual policies. You go online to the PBUS website or telephone 1-866-312-1746 and you build a policy with the kinds of coverages you want and the deductibles you can afford.  Through these customizations you then reach a premium. This is a group effort that generates individual policies. Of course, there are restrictions:  for instance, if you are over 65, they will ask you to sign up for Medicare.  Also, the program will cover the mother and the baby after the child is born but they will not cover the delivery. However, All of the plans DO cover complications of pregnancy without having maternity.

Please call 866.312.1746 or check the JLBG website for more information .



After surveying our members, PBUS learned that far too many, particularly the Mom&Pop operations, are living without health insurance. Most of the time, this was because the organizations were unable to form a group policy due to a variety of reasons.  PBUS is proud to be able to offer our members this new member benefit, a health insurance program that offers a myriad of options and opportunities.  We feel that all members can benefit from this.  Whether you will consider this an occasion to compare costs with your current policy or a much needed opportunity to finally be able to secure the health of your family and employees, PBUS hopes that you will be able to use this program well.

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