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Excellence in Education - MCBA

Continuing the Excellence in Education series, PBUS would like to highlight the Master Certified Bail Agent (MCBA) program.  A continuation of the Certified Bail Agent (CBA) program, which we highlighted here, the MCBA designation catapults a bail agent to the highest level of learning that PBUS offers to individuals.

Driven by bail agents who wanted to pursue advanced  educational standards  beyond the CBA, the MCBA program is now established  as the benchmark for excellence in education in the industry. It recognizes not only individuals' continuing education in bail but also the positive impact they make on the profession and their communities.

To qualify for the program, PBUS members must have an active CBA designation, be a licensed bail agent in good standing for not less than ten years, and be a member in good standing of PBUS for at least the last five years. Applicants should have served the professional community through educational research or teaching, and  through  leadership at the national, state or local level. Applicants must also have attended at least two PBUS national conferences, and should meet additional requirements as set forth by PBUS for this certification. The requirements are strict and are designed to recognize the elite group of bail agents who can be proud of having passed the tests fo their industry.

Linda Braswell, MCBA
Past PBUS President

Les Sebring, MCBA
Past Vice-President of PBUS

Those interested in the program are invited to attend an interactive session, offered at all PBUS conferences, to review the guidelines towards receiving the MCBA designation.  Led by PBUS President Linda Braswell, this session allows you to ask any questions you may have about the application process, but also to learn more about what the title Master Certified Bail Agent can do for you and your business.  This designation tells others that you have the achievements and record to make it to the top of the bail industry. Including Linda Braswell, MCBA and Les Sebring, MCBA - the first MCBA designees, fewer than 25 bail agents across the nation currently have the distinction of being Master Certified Bail Agent.

Explore the possibility of becoming an MCBA and look over the application. Also, please contact Wanda Zumas, chair of the Education Committee, or the PBUS home office at 202-783-4120 with any questions you may have about our educational programs.


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