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PBUS membership information is subject to release in accordance with Delaware law.

Eligibility for Voting Membership

Membership shall comprise those individuals within the U.S. who are currently licensed or approved by the authorized Governmental agencies within their respective jurisdictions to execute bail bonds for the public sector.  Voting membership shall be revoked if the member has their license, permit or right to execute bail bonds revoked by the issuing authority.  A copy of one of the following documents must be provided to PBUS within ten (10) days of application or renewal as a voting member:

  • Copy of active license from the Department of Insurance from the state authorized to write bail in;
  • Copy of bail card authorized by county sheriff or court from the state authorized to write bail in; or
  • Copy of authorization letter from county sheriff or court from the state authorized to write bail in

This eligibility affects the following membership types:

  • Individual Voting Member
  • Insurance Company Voting Member
  • Agency Voting Member

If you are registering as an Agency membership, your membership includes two voting and four non-voting members.  Please email PBUS at with a list of your voting and non-voting members to include the member's individual email address.  Individual log-in information will be sent to you for your agency members.

New PBUS members receive a PBUS membership pin, membership certificate, newsletter subscription and conference registration discounts.

Members renewing their membership who wish to receive an updated membership certificate should send an email to to request such certificate.

All membership types have an annual membership from time of registration; please note membership dues are separate transactions from conference-related fees.

Individual non-voting membership - $120

Individual voting membership - $300 (see note above regarding eligibility)
Agency membership - $675 (see note above regarding eligibility)
Insurance company membership (voting) - $1,500 (see note above regarding eligibility)

Note: memberships paid via a credit card will be automatically charged upon the renewal date for membership. Members can log-in to their profile and remove the auto-bill invoice prior to renewal to stop the auto-bill cycle. Members who need assistance should call the PBUS office at 202-783-4120.