About Us - Individual of the Year

PBUS Individual of the Year

The Individual of the Year award recognizes an individual, company or organization that has served to uplift the bail profession on a national level. Nominees should be involved in work that supports the PBUS mission by providing information, education or leadership skills as evidenced by positive outcomes. The nominee does not have to be a licensed bail agent.


2020 - Davie C. Westmoreland

Freebird Bail Bonds


2019 - Gerald Madrid

Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds


2018 - Joey McVety

Joey Bond Bail Bond's LLC


2017 - Rainy Robinson

8th Amendment Bail Bonds


2016 - Eric Granof

Vice President - Corporate Communications

The AIA Family of Companies


2014 - Gerald Madrid

Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds

Albuquerque, NM


2013 - Melanie Ledgerwood

Director of Government Relations

Accredited Surety & Casualty Company, Inc.

2012 - Bill Kreins

Vice President

Safety National


2011 - Mike Whitlock

Executive Vice President and Partner

American Surety Company


2010 - Mark Holtschneider

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Lexington National Insurance Corporation


2009 - Cheryl Burns




2009 - Harvey Childs

Chairman and Founder



2008 - Congressman Robert Wexler

Congressman Wexler

Represented the 19th District in the State of Florida (1997-2010)

Long-time friend of PBUS.


2007 - Brian Frank


Lexington National Insurance Corporation


2006 - Steve Cooley

District Attorney

Los Angeles County



2006 - Stephen H. Kreimer

Former Executive Director of PBUS


2005 - Janet Evanovich

Renowned author and an avid friend of the bail industry


2004 - Bill Kreins


2003 – Stephen Kreimer


2002 - Skip Baumgarten


2001 – Stephen H. Kreimer


1999 - Debbie Snow-Jallad


Accredited Surety & Casualty Company, Inc.


1998 - Dr. William Banks Taylor


1997 - Jerry Watson