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PBUS is proud to present a spotlight on our Certified Bail Agent (CBA) program. This acclaimed educational program was established in 1987 and has grown over the years at the behest of our members.

The CBA educational program was created for the Bail Agent to attain a higher level of experience and excellence in their profession. As each state has a different set of requirements for Bail Agent licensure, PBUS wanted Bail Agents to be able to set their bar high and follow a program that would allow them to represent their profession in the best possible light. Upon the completion of the program, PBUS envisioned CBAs providing their clients and associates with only the best service and information.

Wanda Zumas
Education Committee Chair

The original program consisted of three classes, taught by Pat Maguigan from Free Congress Research. They included CBA I: History and Responsibilities, CBA II: Your Professional Image and CBA III: Daily Business Practices. The first class introduces Bail Agents to their industry in order to better connect them to the profession on a national level. The second addresses professionalism in the workplace and public relations, an extremely important aspect of the bail industry. There are too many misconceptions about the wonderful service that Bail Agents provide to their communities and this class helps Bail Agents improve their image in the eyes of the local community. Daily Business Practices discusses the day to day aspects of writing bail and office procedure.

In 1998 PBUS was able to respond to the overwhelming demand for more education about the industry at a national level by introducing two more classes, CBA IV: Reducing Losses and CBA V: Legislative - Creating Your Future. All Bail Agents were able to benefit from these classes which address, respectively, ‘writing a better bond’ and how to become involved in local, state and federal legislation to protect your agency and the industry as a whole. By 2005, the need for a sixth class about professional liability had become apparent. So, after a complete revision and update of the CBA program, PBUS added CBA VI: National Apprehension Liability Standards. This class covers all aspects of controlling & limiting liability for the Bail Agent and the Agency.

PBUS’ goal of helping Bail Agents achieve the highest standards in their profession is largely made possible by this educational certification program, which was created and developed by the members of the organization. Only the demand of the members allowed for this excellence in education.

The first Certified Bail Agent designations were awarded in 1988 and designees included Armando Roche, MCBA, and Linda Braswell, MCBA. CBAs now number in the hundreds. The designation is recognized by members of the industry and people from all professions, including lawyers, judges, and Surety Companies as well as clients. The CBA designation earns automatic respect from members as the person has completed a set of courses designed to enhance their Bail education.

PBUS invites everyone to earn their CBA. All are welcome to take the courses, but only licensed or appointed Bail Agents may earn the Certified Bail Agent designation. Classes are offered online at www.PBUS.com and at the biannual PBUS conferences. Once you have completed your CBA, you will notice the impact those letters can have on your business.
Please contact the PBUS Home Office at 202-783-4120 with any question you may have.


I think [the Certified Bail Agent program] is an outstanding program and that every member of PBUS should obtain the CBA certificate. - Dennis Sew, CBA (PBUS Membership Chair)

 Education has been a priority throughout my life, and even as a working professional, I continue to learn. As PBUS' Education Chair, I invite anyone who is hungry to improve their business to explore the CBA program.   - Wanda Zumas, MCBA (PBUS Education Chair)

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