Liability Insurance Policies

PBUS Offers Two Liability Insurance Policies

By: Mary Casey & Mark Holtschneider

Mary Casey, previous PBUS Insurance Committee Chair and Mark Holtschneider, previous member of PBUS Insurance Committee

PBUS is pleased to announce that we have approved two liability insurance policies for our members. The primary goal of each policy is to provide our members with insurance protection in case they are sued for fugitive recovery work. PBUS is also pleased to announce that it has negotiated a 10 premium discount for our members on each of these policies.

The first policy is a Professional Liability policy provided by insurance broker Rockwood Programs, Inc. Rockwood is an experienced insurance broker that specializes in providing professional liability insurance to all kinds of professionals. This Professional Liability policy includes coverage for claims of assault, battery, false imprisonment, wrongful entry, and defamation. For more information, visit

The second policy is a Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) policy provided by insurance broker Cochrane & Co. Cochrane is a full service property & casualty insurance broker that has been in business over 50 years. The CGL policy includes coverage for assault, battery, false imprisonment, wrongful entry, and defamation. This policy also provides the usual business liability coverage for injuries that occur in your office (a customer who “slips and falls” in your office). Click here for a brochure.

As with all insurance policies, there are many exclusions and limitations. For example, the Professional Liability policy excludes coverage for any claim arising out of the use of a firearm. The CGL policy excludes coverage for claims related to the apprehension of fugitives charged with certain serious felonies. You and your lawyer should read these policies carefully to decide which provides you the best coverage for your business.

The cost of each policy will vary depending on the size of your business. The deductibles and policy limits will also vary.   PBUS has approved both of these policies, but will have no involvement in the application process, the actual coverage provided by the policy, or in the claims process. Rather, the insurance brokers (Rockwood and Cochrane) will handle those tasks with the insurance companies that write the policies.

To learn more, and to provide protection to your assets, call Glenn Clark or Frank Huver at Rockwood (302-765-6002) and Anitta Valdez at Cochrane (509-462-1151). Make sure to tell them you are a PBUS member so that you get the 10% discount.

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