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GPS Monitoring Coverage Endorsement Now Available

Fox Point Programs has expanded the professional liability product for active* PBUS members to include GPS monitoring. Coverage for GPS monitoring services can be added to the E&O policy via endorsement. An additional premium applies and coverage is subject to a separate sub-limit. Interested active* PBUS members can learn more about this new coverage by calling 800-499-7242 and asking for extension 6029.

Read the press release from Fox Point Programs, Inc. regarding GPS Monitoring coverage.

Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance

Fox Point Programs, Inc., offers competitive rates for an Errors and Omissions (E&O) product as well as general liability insurance for active PBUS members. Professional liability coverage provides protection against allegations of wrongful acts committed by the insured. The E&O insurance extends the definition of covered acts to those relating to the recovery or apprehension of any defendant for which the insured has provided a bond. Individuals can also secure General liability for their agency. Each applicant will be individually underwritten.

Fox Point Programs, Inc. has established a dedicated website for individuals interested in the above coverage. The website can be accessed via this link and will answer many of the commonly asked questions. Fox Point can also be contacted directly by calling toll-free at 1-800-499-7242, extension 6053.

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