Bail Enforcement/Fugitive Recovery Courses

The Professional Bail Agents of the United States™ (PBUS™) is pleased to offer four Bail Enforcement/Fugitive Recovery Courses to our members. Each course will build on one another. PBUS is offering an introductory price of $30 per course.

The first course provides a basic overview of surety bail and includes a brief history of surety, licensing and how surety bail works.  

The second course discusses how and why fugitive recovery is required. The student will learn how to develop relationships and speak to those closest to the fugitive to develop new leads and how to gather and verify information on a fugitive.

The third course discusses domestic and foreign arrest. Specifically what to do if the fugitive that remains in the jurisdiction in which the bail was posted or has absconded the jurisdiction. The course will cover state statues, how to verify information and how to enlist the assistance of law enforcement if needed. Also discussed is asylum states and international recovery, how to enlist the help of the Federal Government and other important aspects one must consider when hunting someone outside the jurisdiction of arrest.

The fourth course discusses ethics and how it applies to fugitive recovery personnel, as well as moral principles that govern the behavior of some while conducting activities related to this field.

At the end of the series, the student will be awarded a certificate of completion for having completed all four courses.

The student should inquire if this educational training series may be used as continuing education (CE) credit with their state’s Department of Insurance if they accept the curriculum for such purpose.

Each course course can be accessed below:

  The first course will provide a basic overview of surety bail.
   The second course will discuss how and why fugitive recovery is required.
   The third course will discuss a domestic and foreign arrest.
   The fourth course will be devoted to ethics and how it applies to fugitive recovery personnel.