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HR 2152, the Citizens’ Right to Know Act, has been introduced in Congress by Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX).
The legislation requires taxpayer-funded pretrial release agencies to report to the Department of Justice regarding who participates in their programs, including the following information on participants:

  • Criminal history, including previous charges filed
  • Previous failures to appear for court proceedings
  • Previous and current non-compliance infractions

Currently, taxpayer-funded pretrial release programs are not required to report any information about the defendants released through their programs. Basic information on defendants is neither collected nor reported in any systematic fashion.

Without this legislation, policymakers and taxpayers have no ability to determine the effectiveness of taxpayer-funded pretrial release programs.  And without such data, hundreds of federally-funded pretrial release programs lack sufficient accountability to U.S. taxpayers. This lack of accountability has allowed many repeat and violent offenders to get out of jail on our tax dollars!

Taxpayers deserve to know if their limited resources are being spent wisely and their communities are being protected.  

Passage of H.R. 2152 will provide greater transparency for pretrial programs, greater accountability for the use of taxpayer funds and increased public safety for our communities.  Passage of HR 2152 could stop the “bail reform” movement in its tracks.

Your voice is needed now in support H.R. 2152, the Citizens’ Right to Know Act.  Please take a minute to write your Member of Congress to let them know of your support of H.R. 2152.